International activity

• The ASP has supported several candidate countries in their path towards EU membership. The ASP participated in more than 10 twinning projects since 1999. Privileged relations persist with former candidate countries, now EU members such as Poland or Romania and most recently Croatia. These relations allow sharing experience through benchmarking activities (study visits, drafting comparative studies) and facilitate collaboration in joint projects such as twinning projects with candidates countries.

• The ASP is involved in bilateral relations with candidate countries Paying agencies (in Balkans and Turkey) and with neighbouring countries institutions in the East and South of Europe. This cooperation takes the form partnerships (5 protocols signed so far) and participation in EU projects, such as twinning projects and TAIEX expertise.This activity is developed together with ADECIA, the technical back office of the Ministry of Agriculture in charge of managing the technical cooperation. During the last years the ASP participated essentially in projects located in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Tunisia and Morocco.