Agency for Services and Payment

The Agency For Services and Payment (ASP) is a public body in charge of public support entirely dedicated to the implementation of public policies at European, national or local level.

Who are we ?

We are a public Body placed  under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Insertion.

We act on behalf of public decison-makers at European, national or local  level.

We carry with them public policies whose objective is to create a more sustainable and united society.

Our commitment makes all the more sense during a period of economic, health and / or social crisis, such as the one we are experiencing today.

What is the scope of our interventions ?

We intervene in many  areas related to economical, societal and environmental stakes.

  • Within the framework of the Common Agricultural Palicy carried by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food we are in charge of the payments of

    • Direct payments support of the CAP first pillar;
    • Rural development support of the CAP second pillar
  • Within the framework of public policies carried by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Insertion, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the Ministry of Economy, Finances and Recovery, the Ministry of Solidarities and Health, the Ministry of Culture ... we are in charge of the payment of many support in the following areas  :

    • Employment
    • Environment
    • Economy
    • Social - Insertion
    • Culture
    •  …
  • Within the framework of public policies carried by Regional Authorities, we are in charge of the following schemes:

    • Remuneration and social protection of vocational training trainees ;
    • Health and social grants ;

What is our organisation ?

We are a State operator headed by a President Chief Executive Officer, appointed by decree, assisted by a Deputy Chief Executive Officer and a Secretary General.

The Agency is administered by a board of directors comprising 22 members, in addition to its President.

The structure of our establishment is based on a head office and 17 regional offices.

  • At headquarters, 8 directorates and 7 services attached to the General Directorate are in charge of:

    • deployment of public policies, assigned to business divisions;
    • operation of the Agency, assigned to departments and support services.

    The ASP's headquarters are located in Limoges, in Haute Vienne, with an office in Montreuil-sous-Bois, near Paris.

  • Located on 17 sites in mainland and overseas departments, the regional offices of the ASP are in charge of the administrative and on-the-spot controls and of aid applications.

    Their missions are mainly dedicated to:

    • managing aid applications;
    • supporting the beneficiary in the context of his request;
    • carrying out checks relating to the schemes, in particular in the agricultural sector.

What are our main missions ?

We work in favor of more than 18 million beneficiaries across France to support the economy, competitiveness, sustainable development ... but also to support the most vulnerable people.

To do this, we support more than a hundred public decision-makers in the implementation of their policies: ministries, public establishments, Regional and Departmental Authorities.

The missions of the Services and Payment Agency :

  • To simplify the procedures for applicants and increase efficiency, we support the public authorities from the design of their policies, so that the choice of implementing their support takes into account:

    • our technical and operational requirements;
    • our feedback on the implementation of public policies.

    We offer them tools and services that take into account the challenges of transforming the public sphere, including improving the service provided to users.

  • Our agents verify the eligibility of applications.

    To do this, they rely on eligibility criteria set up by public decision-makers.

    In some cases, this so-called "administrative controls" phase is taken over by other public operators.

  • To control aid allocation, the ASP :

    • relies on computerized analysis tools,
    • uses satellite imagery to facilitate, make more reliable and secure the management of « area » aid from the Common Agricultural Policy.
  • With more than 40 billion euros paid out in 2020, the ASP is one of the state's leading operators in terms of disbursed credits and the leading European payer of agricultural aids.

Our commitment

Develop our service offer with the desire to always better support our public policy-makers.

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